Advanced Scene Study

About the Advanced Scene Study Class

This Advanced Scene Study class at Maggie Flanigan Studio is a rare opportunity to work in a deeper and more expressive way with some of the most iconic roles and texts in American theater. A Scene study class with other highly trained professional actors is a transformative experience, unlike anything one witnesses in more basic acting classes. In this series selections are chosen from some of the best plays ever written and put into the hands of highly experienced actors, all capable of extraordinary scene work.

The class consists of breaking down and studying the character development, scene analysis, layering of behavior, story arc, timing, and looking at the piece through a new lens. Actors break down the script into beats, and apply the Meisner technique to the process, using intense listening and truthful response. The texts are deconstructed and recreated, as you receive feedback from the class, all actors with the same caliber of talent and training.

Applicants are carefully vetted as we create a diverse group of actors, all with a similar level of work experience and training.The program is being designed and led by Master teacher and Maggie Flanigan Studio Executive Director Charlie Sandlan. The Advanced Scene Study class meets once a week on Fridays from 2pm – 5pm. Classes begin on February 21st. Applicants must have completed a two year Meisner or MFA program.

Scene Study Class for the Working Actor

Serious actors invest years in professional training and energy as they fully commit to the pursuit of the craft. There is a cost for this, not only in terms of the money involved, but also in the countless hours of class time, prep work, rehearsal hours, auditioning, weeks in production, pouring yourself out creatively in performances. There is an emotional and psychological cost as well. It’s not uncommon to one day discover that the creative spark has dimmed. This is death to an actor’s career, so we’ve designed a program that will put the passion back into your acting and help you solidify a new, highly inspiring scene study process.

This scene study class has been designed for the working actor who knows that their potential is greater than the parts they have been landing. This course is also for the working actor with an upcoming challenge that will be demanding and require that they work at the peak of their artistry. Professional actors tend to know how to bring out the best in each other, and this intense 10 week series gives them a chance to do just that.

The course has been designed for graduates of two-year Meisner conservatory programs, or those who have earned their MFA in acting. Important foundational skills in Meisner technique are required, with the expectation that enrollees are fully versed in heightened listening, truthful responding and other Meisner techniques.

The Advanced Scene Study class at Maggie Flanigan Studio is designed to rekindle your creative energy and land you squarely into a deep struggle with challenging dialogue, complex narratives, and talented scene partners. You will have no choice but to step out of your comfort zone, be willing to make mistakes, get vulnerable, and tap into a deeper well of emotional response. Amaze yourself, as you take another giant leap toward mastery.

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Advanced Scene Study Classes NYC – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 890-1599

Problem Solving for Professional Actors

There are specific problems and issues every actor faces after they finish formal training, issues that may not pop up right away. Real-life work experiences in theater, television or film aren’t always as rich or profound as you would wish them to be. Doing rounds of “under five,” auditions for Law & Order, an off-off Broadway run, or getting a commercial are a necessary part of pursuing a career, but they are not always challenging enough. As an actor, it is critical that you be intentional about putting greater demands on yourself as an artist, so you can continue to grow.

The life of a professional requires a deep unwavering commitment to the art form. It is as critical to remain passionate about acting when things aren’t clicking as when they are. If you are between roles, or you haven’t yet landed that one choice part, it might be a good time to study under a master teacher and work with other top-notch professionals in your field. This way you can recalibrate, and reconnect with your potential, and learn techniques that will help you break through.

At times, there might be one singular aspect of acting that you just “don’t get.” Maybe you find period pieces especially challenging, or you dialects intimidating. By joining this Advanced Scene Study class you can work with a select master text, and receive help breaking it down, analyzing it, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with the support of other professionals. It’s possible you can add to your arsenal of preparation methods, a way of working that will become available to you at any time you need it in your professional life.

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Scene Study Class for Professional Actors – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 789-1599

What Professional Actors will Learn in this Class

Seasoned actors are not afraid to take risks and, in fact, they understand that risk is the lifeblood of exciting performances. The key is doing the hard work that is necessary ahead of time. In this class, there is intense emotional preparation and sophisticated scene work that will give you the freedom to be fully open and expressive in the moment.

This Advanced Scene Study class supports the ability to work on role preparation including scene breakdown, character development, and narrative structure, all with peer-to-peer support from other professional working actors. Using Meisner technique, especially his scene study exercises, serious actors make a commitment to do whatever is needed to fulfill the original expectations of the play’s narrative, but stretch themselves with new layers of meaning and interpretation.

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Advanced Scene Study Class New York NY – Charlie Sandlan

About Charlie Sandlan

Charlie is the Executive Director and Head Of Acting at MFS. He is a master teacher of the Meisner Technique, with nearly 30 years experience dedicated to Sanford Meisner’s training both as an actor and for the last 15 years, a teacher. Charlie received his MFA in Acting from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School Of The Arts where he trained in the Meisner Technique with Maggie Flanigan and Bill Esper. For the last 15 years Charlie has devoted his life’s work to training and coaching actors. His Advanced Scene Study is an opportunity to help well-trained actors return to their artistic roots, challenging and reminding actors about craft, attention to detail, character psychology, simplicity, and their creative imagination. The pursuit of a professional acting career at times can leave an actor feeling stale and uncreative, depending on the type of work and auditions that have come their way. The challenge of returning to the major work and complicated material of training can help rediscover the passion and creativity of the art form.

As a master teacher Charlie is uniquely able to zero in on an actor’s crafting and determine what needs to be altered in order to be more vivid and specific. Charlie’s clear and insightful critiques provide his advanced students a reminder on how to return to their technique, so that they can create the behavior of the character in the most vivid and organic way. Charlie has a knack for taking general actors and giving them a roadmap for creating more specific moments, and a deeper understanding of the emotional underpinnings that drive complicated characters.

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Advanced Scene Study Class New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Register Today for the Advanced Scene Study Class

This Advanced Scene Study class has a limited number of slots, and is designed primarily for professional, working actors who have a minimum of two years of formal Meisner training, or an MFA in Drama, Acting or Theater Arts. The course meets once a week for 10 weeks, but participants are expected to put in time and effort outside of classroom hours. To enroll in the Advanced Scene Study class at Maggie Flanigan Studio, actors must first schedule an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan. Actors can apply for the interview online or call the studio at (917) 789-1599 for more information.


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