Meisner Acting Only: Year 1

Maggie Flanigan Studio is committed to giving actors in-depth training in every aspect of acting. The Meisner Acting Only class is for students looking to explore the Meisner technique before committing to a two-year program.

charlie sandlan teaching in the acting 1 class at maggie flanigan studio

Acting 1 New York NY – Charlie Sandlan – (917) 789-1599

Our two-year conservatory is a hallmark in the industry, with a depth of training hard to find anywhere else. However, there are students unsure of committing to a full conservatory experience, even though we believe it is essential to having a serious career. We understand. For these students, taking even one class is a gigantic step forward, and one that involves a leap of faith. For this student, we developed Meisner Acting Only, Acting 1 class.

Meisner Acting Only covers the first-year acting classes offered in the conservatory program. This option allows students to begin their training in Meisner Acting, with an opportunity to enroll later in auxiliary classes when schedule, finances, and interests align. In the first year of conservatory training, additional courses include Voice 1, Voice 2, Movement 1, Movement 2, Theater History, Film History, Nutrition, and Commercial 1.

Acting 1 for Actors in New York NY

Acting I is comprised of the nine-month curriculum offered in the first year Meisner Technique class in the conservatory. The goal of the first year is to develop a truthful acting instrument, where all the fundamentals of the art form become second nature to the actor. Beginning with simple repetition exercises, Meisner’s brilliant technique, when taught properly, evolves over those nine months into very deep, rich, and sophisticated improvisational exercises. Untrained actors give poor auditions and performances, and are not respected professionally. This is true for several reasons: their focus tends to be inward, and the attention is on themselves. These are the actors that wait for cues and cannot respond spontaneously from moment to moment. The untrained actor believes that squeezing out emotions is a good thing, and their work is often riddled with physical and vocal tension. An inexperienced actor “indicates” behavior; they don’t listen and can’t craft. The Meisner Acting Only, Acting 1, makes huge inroads into solving all of these problems. In Acting 1, the actor finally understands the true purpose of acting and discovers how they can work hard, train, and develop a technique that allows them to become the incredible actor they knew they could be.

Meisner and the Artist from New York NY

Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.” All of us are parented, socialized, and educated because these social constructs are necessary for leading healthy and productive lives. Most acting programs fail to address this, which is unfortunate because these learned behaviors are not useful or helpful for the artist. The first year in Acting 1 is meant to chip away at the defenses and insecurities that have taken decades to develop. Some actors have a deep fear of anger, feelings of unworthiness, or natural tendencies toward joy. Others possess an aversion to conflict, or they have a deep need to function as a peacemaker. Most of us grow up convinced that we are not entitled to our feelings. All of these are uniquely human issues that can hinder our artistic development.

Students in Acting 1 will not only confront these issues but solve them in a safe and nurturing environment. The actor learns how to listen and respond personally, as they shift their concentration from themselves to others. They learn how to return to the impulsive, child-like spontaneity that existed before adulthood. Acting 1 students begin to craft in a simple but specific way that is very personal. They can harness the ability to daydream and fantasize in order to emotionally prepare offstage. Once Acting 1 is mastered, students have the courage and ease to function from all sides of their temperament. This work that puts a serious actor on the road to being an exceptional artist.

Meisner understood that the practice of his exercises would be of no value if the actor could not apply what they have learned to scenes. Text is ultimately the actor’s playground. Just as Meisner taught, the studio also guides students into applying what they’ve learned in the exercises to scenes. Shifting from the exercises to scene work is an organic process, one that the student goes through at three specific points during the first year. Each of these rounds challenges actors to apply the fundamentals they have learned, but now with text.

A compelling actor is one who knows how to improvise freely with a script and understands the freedom and vivid behavior created through spontaneous improvisation. In contrast, a poorly trained actor will do line readings and will offer nothing more than conventional, cookie-cutter interpretations of the script and pedestrian, predictable behavior.

Meisner’s technique in the first year is the challenging work actors do at the studio to break these bad habits. Instead, they learn to produce truthful responses and vivid, experiential behavior and do it consistently.

karen chamberlain teaching students on teh acting 1 program at maggie flanigan studio

Acting 1 New York NY – Karen Chamberlain – (917) 789-1599

Learn more about Acting 1 and The Meisner Only Acting Program

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is a two-year acting conservatory where a professional actor can train in every aspect of the art form. The Meisner Acting Only Acting 1 class is for anyone with limited time or budget, but who wants to study the Meisner technique right away. Acting 1 students can postpone training in Voice, Movement, the Power of Mask, or other classes until their schedule and budget allow.

Meisner Acting 1 is the same curriculum offered in the first semester of our two-year program. Any student who enrolls is expected to approach the training with the same discipline, passion, and strong work ethic they would apply to the conservatory program.

We recommend that at some point, students complete the additional conservatory classes. The full two-year experience is the best way to train fully and grow into a versatile and confident actor, capable of delivering vivid, exciting, and truthful behavior. Meisner Acting Only; Acting 1 is the first step on that journey. To enroll in Meisner Acting Only; Acting 1 register online for an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan, or call the studio at (917) 789-1599 or more information.

Best Acting 1 Class New York NY

Acting 1 Class New York NY

The Maggie Flanigan Studio offers the Acting 1 program and acting classes for serious actors from New York NY as well as these New York, NY areas:

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