On-Camera Auditions

This six-week/six class course is one of the few classes offered to students not part of our two-year professional actor training program. Offered in the summer in conjunction with the Six-Week Summer Intensive, this class was developed to provide students the opportunity to apply acting fundamentals to the camera audition. There is a misconception among actors that film acting and theater acting are completely different art forms. The medium is certainly different, and each has certain technical demands that an actor must utilize, but acting is acting. Whether on stage or on film, an actor must craft well and ground themselves in truly listening, answering and responding from unanticipated moment to unanticipated moment.

ON CAMERA ACTING class bannerThe application and execution of the acting fundamentals along with the experience of actually working in front of a camera in class with play-back and then analysis creates a confident and capable actor that has taken chances and learned from mistakes before entering the business. This is information and training that many people do not get and as a result, lose a lot of opportunities early on in their careers. We cover drama, comedy, commercial copy and everything else you should expect in the audition room and on a set. In the end, you will be comfortable enough with the experience to allow your talent and technique to shine.

Lawrence Ballard( On-Camera Auditions: )

Lawrence received a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from Rutgers University where he trained with Maggie Flanigan and Bill Esper. He was also chosen for "A Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training," summer of 2000. He has taught at the Penumbra Summer Institute in Saint Paul, Minnestoa and continues to coach actors privately. He has over 20 years of stage experience that includes the 2004 Broadway production of A Raisin in the Sun and the 2005 off Broadway production of A Soldiers Play at Second Stage Theater. Along with his film and TV credits he has extensive commercial, voice over and spokesperson experience.


  • "I am more confident and enthusiastic in working and auditioning situations. I have a new wealth of knowledge inspiring me to get out and use it. It has changed the method in which I prepare for an audition and a role for the better. I now have a technique for emotional preparation that I never had before. So many things, the list goes on. "

    Cass Christopher

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