Movement 1

Unlike other artists who might have paintbrushes or pianos, an actor’s entire body is the instrument of expression and one must train it, care for it, and ultimately master it, so that it can fulfill the demands of your creative imagination. Without movement training, an actor will experience physical discomfort, tension, or self-consciousness on stage, on set, or in an audition. On the other hand, actors with a strong physical practice are more open, available, and capable of true experiential freedom in their work.movement classes for actors bannerThis first level of movement training focuses on releasing the constrictions of the actor’s body and freeing the actor’s emotional life. In order to process the particularly emotional demands placed upon actors, it is imperative that their bodies be released, responsive, and free. Though helpful at any stage of training, the correlation between what happens in Level 1 of movement and the work of the first year actor is significant. Using the fundamentals of the Williamson Technique, this class functions as a physical guide to help begin to identify your own unique habits of tension and to begin to let go of extraneous physical behavior. In doing so, the actor will become less physically cluttered and more capable of creating expansive, unapologetic behavior with ease.

Special care is given to creating a safe and nurturing environment where actors can begin to give themselves permission to move away from pedestrian, socialized behavior and to embody a more authentic and unbridled state of expression. Acting is a collaborative art, and a lot of what being an actor includes is dealing with human contact, and Level 1 students are consistently challenged to be physically released during simple, truthful exchanges with their ensemble. Students will learn the foundation of the Williamson Technique, the open choreography. They will also gain basic alignment and release vocabulary and learn exercises that will be immediately applicable in their acting work and training. Students will begin to understand themselves and their bodies in a vivid, authentic way.

Movement 1 is a requirement for Business 1.

Sara Fay George( Movement I & II Teacher: )

Sara Fay trained at the William Esper Acting Studio and apprenticed under Theo Morin to become a Williamson Technique teacher. She is the founder of The Holistic Method, a physical acting technique designed bring participants into confident connection with themselves and elicit fully embodied storytelling. She worked as the Resident Movement Coach with The Actors Space, Berlin, The Fritz-Kirchoff Schule and has been training actors across America and Europe since 2010. Sara is this Co-Artistic Director and Director of Education for The Box Collective, a female run international ensemble dedicated to new interdisciplinary work that challenges the traditional theater scene. The Box has produced in New York City, the Hamptons, Berlin, through out Italy, and as far as New Zealand. Their next piece. Hurricane Sleep will premiere May 2019 in co-production with IATI Theater. This summer, Last Life: A Shakespeare Play, written and directed by Sara Fay George, will be presented with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


  • "Movement 1 completely changed my way of thinking about my body as my instrument. I have pushed myself above and beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Taking movement alongside acting classes is an absolute treat. Simply put, it's life-changing."

    Harmony Stempel

  • "Movement 1 literally changed my life, it taught me what it means to work on my "actors body.¨ Julia Crockett and Briana Packen instilled an awareness in me and a way of working that keeps me open and available. This class is irreplaceable."

    Rolando Chusan

  • Before taking this class, I was using my body as a shield to protect me. the tension in my body wasn’t allowing me to take uncomfortable situations “in”. I learned how to to express whatever impulses I was feeling through body, language and sound.

    Sasha Dominy