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Voice and Speech Class - Voice Class 1 - Scott Brieden 02

Voice and Speech Class – Voice and Speech 1 – Scott Brieden

Scott shares his thoughts about the Voice and Speech Class and the Two Year Program. Scott Brieden is a graduate of the Two Year Acting Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Which acting class at the studio presented the biggest challenge to you?

I found Voice and Speech 1 to be the most important obstacle in my time at Maggie Flanigan Studio. Once I enrolled in Voice and Speech 1, my work changed exponentially. It helped ground me. It sounds funny, but when you’re an actor and you’re up in front of a class or on stage, its easy to forget to breathe!

Voice helped me get grounded and connected when I reached a full emotional life. In my opinion, it’s essential you take this class!


I found Voice 1 to be the most important obstacle in my time at Maggie Flanigan Studio. Once I enrolled in Voice and Speech, my work changed exponentially.

Scott BriedenAlumni, Two Year Program

Why did you decide to enroll in the two year program at our studio?

I was referred to the studio by a friend and initially enrolled in the summer program. I got so much out of the program in that short time that I knew I’d be a fool not to continue with the work.

How has this program changed you professionally?

Audition rooms used to be an extremely scary place for me but the program has helped me trust my crafting. I am exponentially more confident when I walk into an audition room, and it shows because I am booking a lot more work!

Why do you think should other actors enroll in the two year program at Maggie Flanigan Studio?

You should enroll in this program if you’re serious about making acting your career. Yes, it gives you the tools to become an incredible actor, but it more importantly helps you appreciate acting as an art form.

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