What is professional actor training?

Professional actor training is more in-depth than most people imagine. The superficial view of an actor is someone who happens to be good at pretending to be someone else. They take on traits of a character as written in a script or play. This idea actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. Any actor that has been in a serious actor training program knows that it is NOT their job to read the lines and “play” a character. That is far too simplistic. The task of a theater or film actor is to develop an original, fascinating new person with complex layers of emotions, conflicted relationships, and interesting responses within the context of a story. They must do this even if other actors have played the character hundreds of times. Each new production of a classical play must bring something new to the work.

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Anyone training in professional acting programs knows that this is the crux of an actor’s job, injecting real-life and reflections of humanity into the words and story they have been given. Their behavior and reactions in every single moment must be authentic and compelling.It doesn’t sound so easy anymore, does it! This is why serious training for actors is so important.

Professional actors are those that have studied in MFA acting programs, a theater training program, or other studio or dramatic arts conservatory for at least two years. And the best of the best continue to take acting courses because they understand what mastery of the craft demand, a lifetime of hard work.

What do students learn from training for professional actors?

We’ve all seen poor performances that were somehow “off.” An audience member buys a ticket at a considerable cost and invests two hours of their time. They expect to be thrilled, moved, and inspired. They want to be drawn in and become part of a fascinating, compelling story, in real-time. Audiences want to forget about life, their troubles; they want to learn something new about this world and the people in it. Making this kind of performance happen is the responsibility of the entire crew but especially the actors. This is what the professional acting studio does, teaches student actors how to create and present incredible performances.

A student actor serious about making acting their career needs to work with professional teachers who are experienced, passionate, and committed to helping them perform excellent work. The best teachers push students into growing and evolving as actors. A proper acting program is a series of courses where knowledge acquisition is progressive. Everything practiced builds upon skills learned in previous courses. Over time the actor moves closer to the final goal, training in as many aspects of acting as possible, emerging ready to find work. Finishing an acting program does not mean the actor is finished with training, however. In this art form, training continues throughout one’s lifetime.

A professional training program involves at least four semesters of acting technique. It will also include classes in voice, movement, story structure, and character development. A professional training program will also guide students in how to audition well.

What types of actors need an experienced acting instructor?

Actors at every skill level, even famous working actors, need to spend time with an experienced acting instructor. Every role is a new adventure that presents a set of creative problems to be solved. The best acting teacher can guide them through the process.

For those just starting, experienced acting teachers are essential. Students must work hard to pick up the fundamentals of acting and develop their technique. Most professionals in the industry recognize a few methods of training, those that came out of Method acting, as being legitimate training. The Method was developed at the Moscow Theater and brought to America during the production of several plays here. The acting was so beyond what anyone had witnessed previously, that several actor-directors began studying and using the technique. At the Group Theater famous actor-directors Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Sanford Meisner adapted the Method, and later, each went on to create and teach their version of it.

The common idea behind these methods is that actors needed to use their imaginations, rather than their memories to produce emotional reactions and behavior. The broader their ability to create emotional responses, the more complex and relatable their characters can be. Attempting this on your own is foolish because we often can’t see ourselves clearly. Acting is deep, personal work that requires an experienced guide and hours and hours of study and practice.

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How can you find the best acting teacher for professional acting classes near Washington Heights NY?

We are all born as creative beings. However, in many cultures, there is a system of socializing and education that limits this creativity as we grow older. In a way, the craft of acting is about tapping back into that original creative being that you once were. Learned behaviors, habits formed as defense mechanisms, thought patterns; these all need to be identified and recognized during actor training. Some of the patterns of behavior the student actor has developed can stay and become useful. Others have to be minimized or stripped away because they get in the way of the actor being able to present more honest human emotion and experience. The greater their range of emotion, the more truthful their performances can be.

At first, this might sound like psycho mumbo jumbo, but it certainly is not. The exciting, compelling performances that audiences expect of actors only happen if they do this profoundly personal work while they are training. The actor cultivates their imagination to such a degree that they can create a whole new reality during a play or film.

The two techniques taught most often are the Method and Meisner Technique. It is realistic to assume that if you study with an experienced teacher, you will be immersing yourself in some aspect of Meisner or Method acting. Educate yourself about the techniques and decide between them, which seems the most suitable for how you like to work. Then find an acting studio with instructors grounded in that technique.

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Professional Actor Training for Washington Heights NY

When pursuing a career in acting, any investment of time or money will pay off if you work hard. The Maggie Flanigan Studio is a two-year Meisner conservatory with a safe, and nurturing environment that also sets high expectations for professionalism, so students do their best work. The program is two years of acting technique classes, as well as Voice, Movement, Script Analysis, Character Development, training in Business for Actors, and more.

This is Meisner taught in its original format. Maggie Flanigan launched the studio in 2001 in part to pass the Meisner technique on to the next generation of actors. This NYC studio is where serious actors prepare for auditions, demanding roles, and long-term acting careers. Enrollment is by interview only. To schedule an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan visit: or call (917) 789-1599 for more information.

Professional Actor Training Washington Heights NY

Professional Actor Training Washington Heights NY

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