What is a professional actor training program (PATP)?

A professional actor training program (PATP) is a comprehensive set of drama courses for experienced actors that teach students all aspects of the craft. There are many layers in training for actors, from voice and movement to story analysis and scene study. The proven approaches that result in the highest quality of work are what an actor training program must be centered around. There are all kinds of techniques and methods professional acting programs claim to teach. An actor can learn skills in MFA acting programs or a small regional theater training program. However, these tend to be one dimensional.

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Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 789-1599

True professional actors are working actors. These are the artists pursuing the art for its own sake, not for fame, money, or as a hobby. At the same time, serious actors desire an acting career as a way to master their craft.

Professional acting programs are incredibly challenging. Acting instruction for experienced actors is not so different from training a newcomer, because the basics must be revisited again and again for actors of any skill level. The fundamental skills must stay sharp. If they are willing to dive in and work all hours, training in and out of class, a newer actor can hold their own and learn a great deal at an acting program for professionals. A valid professional acting program is something you go through, but training for the serious actor is never over. Training is a lifetime pursuit, as it is in any profession.

What is the difference between a professional acting program and an MFA program?

To qualify as a professional actor training program, a course of study should be at least two years of concentrated study, possibly three. This doesn’t mean an actor must be in class for eight hour days every day for three years. A lot of training can take place outside of the classroom for an actor who is willing to work hard. Practicing acting exercises with a partner or small group is valuable homework. Also, an actor is always observing and making notes about human behaviors and their emotional responses. By noting and practicing what they observe in the real world, an actor can expand the range of truthful expression they can present in their work. Whether you are a stage or film actor, training in fundamental principles and methods is what leads to meaningful work and mastery of the craft. There are time-honored traditions in training that people in the industry respect. There is Method Acting, a system of study created by Russian actor-director Konstantin Stanislavski. Many subsequent techniques began with this method and were adapted to suit American actors. There have also been evolutions in training to suit our evolving artistic culture in film and theater.

Sanford Meisner developed the Meisner Technique, which is still considered to be one of the most effective actor training programs taught today. The best form of training for actors is a progressive program that includes a wide variety of tools, heightened emotional awareness, and sharp listening skills.

What types of actors are ideal for a professional acting program?

Imagining yourself as an actor is the easy part. Inspired by a fantastic movie or a beautiful stage play, it is not uncommon to feel a rush of energy, or a longing to be a part of an incredible artistic endeavor and jump in. However, the actual process of cultivating the skills and training required is more complicated. Becoming a versatile, compelling actor who brings a raw, truthful energy to any production takes years and years of study and practice. Anyone who understands the behind-the-scenes blood, sweat, and tears that take place before an actor gets that big break is the right candidate for a professional acting program.

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Professional Actor Training Programs (PATP) New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 789-1599

Another trait that many excellent actors share is a high degree of emotional intelligence. Both self-awareness and “other” awareness is vital to being a talented actor. Actors who are egotistical, and strive to draw attention to themselves continually are typically not the best.

Arrogant personalities might become well-known and get work, but they are celebrities and entertainers. True actors, those that can raise the quality of any production, play a broad range of roles and win awards, are humble, vulnerable, and generous. They look to put the spotlight on the story itself. If that is a concept that you understand, you are a valid candidate for a professional acting program.

And finally, an excellent candidate for a professional training program is anyone with a strong, superhero work ethic. As easy as legendary actors make it look, the life of pursuing an acting career is demanding, exhausting, and at times discouraging. Pursuing acting requires resilience, patience, and determination. There will be many barriers, obstacles, and downright dirty tactics to keep you from your goal. If you plan on working hard and staying with it, then a professional training studio is the right fit.

Are Acting Programs Necessary for Professionals?

Acting is an artistic discipline, not just a profession. Ask about whether acting programs are necessary for professional actors, and the answer will be YES. Much like a dancer or classical musician, actors must practice fundamental skills every day. Training programs don’t just give actors the tools and techniques needed to become excellent actors. They teach actors how to continue training after graduation. Some of the best training can take place when preparing for an audition, doing an on-camera commercial, participating in a reading of a stage play, or just going about your everyday life observing others. There are always chances to learn more about human behavior and practice the craft.

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Professional Actor Training (PATP) New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 789-1599

Outstanding actors are comfortable and versatile. They can shift a technique for stage or camera. An acting program in New York or Los Angeles that has assembled an experienced team of instructors is a good investment. Actors who are inspired to embark on a lifelong exploration of the craft of acting can benefit from their years of knowledge. Great teachers cultivate the creative spirit, but they also provide structure. Studying within a framework of progressive skill-building is the best way to achieve the goal.

Excellent studios and conservatories offer movement, the physical art of acting, voice, dialects, even business classes. An actor that knows how to market themselves and run their career as a business will have the edge. A professional acting program seeks to graduate actors who are fully expressive and capable of raw, truthful performances.

Admission to the Best Professional Actor Training Program (PATP)

Anyone seeking a professional actor training program should explore Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York City. This is a program for serious actors willing to deeply explore what the craft of acting is and work on building a fundamental toolkit. This two-year conservatory is grounded in Meisner Technique, taught as Sanford Meisner intended. Prepare to pursue a career in acting with training that includes all aspects of acting.

Courses run the full scope of acting, voice, movement, script and character analysis, and coaching for auditions and on-camera work. Start training with an introductory nine-week Meisner intensive or sign on for the full two-year conservatory experience right away. Enrollment is by interview only. Contact the studio to register for an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan. Or, call the Maggie Flanigan Studio at (917) 789-1599 for pricing or more information.

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Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) in New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 789-1599

Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) New York NY

Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) New York NY

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