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There is no end to the number of books than can be of help to an actor. Books on auditioning, books about acting technique, books about the psychology of acting, books about acting classes. And, of course there are the plays. Chekov, O’Neill, Beckett, Shakespeare, Williams, Stoppard, Pinter, the list of master playwrights is very, very long and most actors continue to do their due diligence in studying these plays. However, it seems that many actors miss the boat when it comes to great English literature, which is often a mistake.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is the best Meisner acting studio in NYC for serious actors. To learn more about the two year acting program you can visit the studio website or call the studio at (917) 789-1599.

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The Maggie Flanigan Studio has the best summer acting program in New York for serious actors who are interested in the Meisner Technique.

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