Acting in Faith with Meisner Acting


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Meisner Acting Training Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio 01

Meisner Acting Training Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio 2018

The Meisner acting technique calls for a great deal of faith on many levels. First, actors must have faith in the technique. Full mastery requires years of effort. One must acquire a complete library of imagined feelings and experiences of many different kinds of characters. Also, the actor must have faith in his fellow actors, that they will fully prepare and act with the same authenticity and originality during performances.

Most importantly, however, an actor trained in Meisner must have faith in each and every action and impulse as they propel the performance forward. Meisner acting classes teach actors to fully commit to the actions and emotional impulses they have onstage, as they have them. This is difficult to do at first but, the rewards of more “real” and energetic performances are great.

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