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Rooted in the work of master acting teacher Sanford Meisner, Meisner acting classes use a series of exercises that build upon each other progressively, until the most complex skills are mastered. A student that experiences Meisner acting classes will soon discover that they will never be done learning the craft of acting. From exercises that involve improvisation to word repetition, and exercises that teach students how to emotionally prepare, these Meisner exercises cover a wide range of skills and a deep awareness of what is required of the professional actor.

Students just beginning to study the technique in Meisner acting classes often finds the work “easy” and somewhat simplistic, because the first exercises are meant to strip away the crutches of dialogue and story. The goal of this work is to help the acting student not rely on the words of a script to communicate, but on other actors in the exercise, their own spontaneous emotional reactions to the exercise and responding behavior. Over time, if they remain open to the process, students in Meisner acting classes learn to rely on the emotional cues they get from other players in a scene or exercise and use them to create and live in a new reality they are creating in the moment.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio provides acting classes in nyc for serious, committed actors. To learn more about the meisner intensive you can visit the studio website.

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