Developing A Strong Physical Ability Will Improve Your Acting Career


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Those actors interested in the Meisner acting technique may have heard of the actors instrument. While directors and actors are sometimes at odds due to creative differences, the truth is actors are the instruments, the components, that make up a successful production with a director as a conductor. Actors are the most important element of the overall “symphony” known as The Story, the instruments directors use to effectively tell that story. The vision of the writer and director cannot be realized unless talented actors are able to use their actors instrument and make that vision truthful and real. It’s good for directors to remain open to the actors instrument and be aware of allowing the special nuances an actor brings to the vision to enrich the story.

Instruments make beautiful sound, actors make a full range of expressions, from voice and sound to physical, and subtle emotional communication to tell us about our unique human experience. Internal and external expressions are necessary, and actors that study the Meisner technique know how to integrate them all in a fascinating way to create their “instrument.” The aspects of the actors instrument can be grouped into six general categories known as Sensory expression, Imagination, Intelligence, Physical expression, Empathy and emotion. By mastering as many of these aspects as possible, and working hard at developing all of them, an actor has the ability to take on any role. Most successful actors working today have done an outstanding job of mastering many, if not all of these skills.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio provides acting classes in NYC for serious actors. You can find out more about meisner acting at the studio website or read this article about emotional preparation.

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