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Many actors in the history of stage and film have been strong physical actors, such as Stallone, John Wayne and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are just a few of the actors that have an ability to develop a strong and unique physical aspects to their characters. Going one step deeper as an actor means learning how to alter how they move and express themselves truthfully in a physical way to portray character.

This is not to say that tricks like limping or changing a facial expression to show a mood is all that is required. You must inhabit the created physical world of the production in a physical way that is truthful and be able to do it before there are physical crutches like sets, props, costumes and make up. The greatest actors use physical space and physical expression to enhance and express all other aspects of the instrument. Actors who can develop strong physical abilities are also more versatile. Being attractive and/or charismatic is certainly going to get you noticed, but it won’t give you a career into your sixties or seventies. By mastering physical expression and integrating it with the other aspects of the actors instrument an actor will find themselves working at more and more challenging roles.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio provides acting classes in NYC for serious actors. Find out more about meisner acting at the studio website or read this article about acting instrument.

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