What is Meisner Acting?

Meisner acting isn’t just a technique; it’s a deeply instilled way of working that must be studied and cultivated over time. Actor training as understood before Sanford Meisner, and after he developed his program, are very different. He revolutionized the way actors, directors, and playwrights think about theater and acting.

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Meisner Acting New York NY – Charlie Sandlan – (917) 789-1599

Before grounding themselves in the Meisner technique, many actors believe that there is a prescribed method of acting they can follow. They practice acting techniques that allow them to be someone else in a convincing way, enough to hold the emotional attention of an audience. That isn’t acting. It’s pretending. While some actors get very good at this, Meisner actors think entirely differently. Those who study and teach at the Maggie Flanigan Studio have a deep respect for other players, the audience, and the roles they play. They are dedicated to creating a full and honest reality every time they perform. This is based on truthful behavior, not pretending.

The training at Maggie Flanigan Studio allows actors to work on a professional level and focus on mastering the craft. From the early repetition exercises to scene study, all the way up to the moment by moment behavior onstage, a Meisner actor brings authenticity and spontaneity to the work and the other actors. This has a profound effect, as it brings the entire performance alive. There is an energy and an edge to everything they do. This is an acting technique, but also a personal and professional journey toward mastery.

What are the Benefits of Meisner Acting for East Village NY?

There are tremendous benefits to building up skills from the Meisner exercises and learning the craft. Many acting classes offered by other studios are taught as one-off classes, separate from each other. You work on one aspect of voice in a voice class, practice body movements in a movement class, or take a scene study class. The work is not progressive or connected in any way. There is a limited benefit to this, but it is how a run-of-the-mill acting school typically works. Meisner at Maggie Flanigan Studio is a radical departure from this. Ours is a sequential program based on Meisner’s original curriculum. Each aspect of the actor’s instrument is developed with all other aspects of actor training in mind.

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Meisner Acting New York NY – Students in Acting Class – (917) 789-1599

The first step in the two-year conservatory starts with basic repetition exercises. Two actors say meaningless phrases to each other in a loop, over and over. Actors begin to understand how memorizing, and speaking lines are a distraction from the more critical work of exploring human emotions. In later exercises, students acquire and cultivate a deep pool of human responses and behaviors. Finally, they learn to listen to each other and trust that truthful expressions will come to the forefront when needed. Meisner actors work as a team with radical generosity to create a new reality every moment in every scene.

Meisner Acting East Village NY: Why Choose Maggie Flanigan Studio

With Meisner training, one learns to lose self-awareness and tap into a deep well of human responses acquired and cultivated over time. Once those deep resources of human responses and behaviors are fully incorporated and at the ready internally, an actor can layer them into any scene naturally, without thinking. Actors that work in this way give performances full of depth, with many complex emotions layered in, just like real life. Working in Meisner creates a heightened sensitivity to emotions. The words of a script don’t dictate what you should feel. Instead, there is an automatic uprising of expression. There is a freedom to Meisner that allows you to “be.” Experienced actors use every mistake, and they exploit every opportunity to learn more and continually improve the work. Similar to other artists, a master actor makes it look easy. However, excellent work is always based upon years and years of study and hours of practice. Even natural talent must be cultivated under the guidance of master teachers.

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Meisner Acting New York NY – Acting Programs Class – (917) 789-1599

Maggie Flanigan Studio is a two-year conservatory that offers professional guidance. While geared toward working actors, Maggie Flanigan Studio does place newcomers. Enrollment decisions are based upon interviews and auditions with the Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan. Places in the two-year program are limited. However, if you do join, you will spend the next two years growing as a person, and as an actor. Call the Maggie Flanigan Studio at (212) 789-1599 to learn more.

Best Meisner Acting in East Village NY

Meisner Acting East Village NY

The Maggie Flanigan Studio offers Meisner Acting classes and professional actor training programs for actors from East Village NY as well as these New York, NY areas:

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