What do students learn during Film and TV Classes?

The Film/tv class at Maggie Flanigan Studio is grounded in what students learn in the Meisner Technique classes. Meisner is the foundation of any acting class at our studio because it prepares serious actors to be versatile, expansive, and able to bring fresh and original artistry to any role. A versatile actor trained in both theater and film/tv, along with experience in on camera auditions, has a better chance of getting professional work. Those with excellent on-camera skills can further develop their artistry, and build their resume and acting career by doing well in auditions.

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Our Film and tv classes are part of our summer acting program, an intensive series that runs eight weeks during the summer break. This course helps you carve out a path that will allow you to score paid professional gigs right away as you gain experience. There is more to becoming a serious actor that studying and mastering this artistic discipline. You must be business-like in your approach as you train in audition techniques. You must learn how to enter a room with confidence, charm, and enthusiasm. You need to be able to identify the decision-makers in the room and know how to prepare for and nail auditions on camera.

There is much to learn about on camera technique, and we’ll cover it all. The technical demands of the medium will be explored, along with fundamental acting skills that work for on-camera productions.

Why are Film and TV Classes important for professional actors?

The notion that aspiring actors need to learn only a few tricks and techniques to adjust from theater to on-camera work is a myth. Acting on camera is an art form unto itself, and just as important as acting for theater. Applying craft and artistry to any medium requires intense training, with foundational skills that must be acquired. However, some adjustments need to be made for film and tv, and this class helps you master those skills.

Beginning with auditions, essential for being cast and working your way up to learning how to handle yourself on set, is of paramount importance. The film/tv class at Maggie Flanigan Studio allows you to apply what you learn in Acting 1 & 2 to on-camera work. You will gain the ability to deliver polished, transformative performances and show directors and producers that you are not only up to the challenge, but powerful enough to bring something new and exciting to the project.

Auditioning is an integral part of becoming a serious actor. When auditioning for film & TV, directors and producers are hungry to see what you can bring to a role. However, you only have a short window in which to make that impression. The next time they see you, it will be on set, and they will have high expectations. Actors must be prepared to arrive in this professional setting ready to deliver. This eight week, once a week course prepares acting students for the inevitable challenges of on-camera work.

Film and TV Classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio

Acting on camera requires dedication to the craft and the same level of commitment to mastery. Our film and tv class begin by exploring the auditioning process. How you walk into a room, act with a stand-in who is not a professional actor, or act for multiple cameras; these are just a few of the challenges an audition scenario might present.

We demystify film and tv work, exploring how to adjust for the differences between on-camera and theater acting. You’ll learn what it’s like to bring a truthful, compelling performance when surrounded by cameras, microphones, and rigging. Each week material is brought in directly from real-life auditions. Sides are assigned at random, with different lead times, and you may only have 24 hours to prep. Learn how to work with comedy, conflict, intimacy, and getting ready for close-ups.

Common questions such as how you can handle a kiss in an audition, or how to handle the situation if a side calls for physical violence will be answered. Learn how self-taping works, a form of audition that is becoming more common. Understand shooting angles, lighting, editing, and the proper way to submit a tape. We’ll also discuss what to wear, makeup decisions, and how you can present your vision for a role. In the final two weeks, students participate in a mock-up of an actual film set, serving as actors and crew, as they gain a better understanding of this collaborative process.

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Film/TV Classes New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 789-1599

Learn More About Maggie Flanigan Studio

Maggie Flanigan is one of the most respected actor training institutions in the U.S., in part because we include professional training along with teaching the esteemed Meisner technique. There is more to being a serious actor than talent and technique. Our graduates are always prepared, polished and ready to deliver a fantastic performance no matter what situation they may find themselves in.

We’ve incorporated the Film and TV class at Maggie Flanigan into our Summer Acting Program because it’s geared professional preparation than acting technique. The craft of acting must be fully understood before a student can enroll in this course. Once you learn about acting for single or multiple camera angles, and you have complete knowledge of what happens on set, you can enter an audition or walk onto a set with confidence.

Call the Maggie Flanigan Studio to learn more about our Summer Acting Program and our Film and TV classes by calling the studio at 917-789-1599. Or visit us online to schedule an admissions interview with Executive Director Charlie Sandlan.

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