Why are film history classes for actors from Morningside Heights NY important?

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, our Film History Class for Actors offers important context to actors about the medium and the way that acting through films has shaped our culture. From directors to technicians, to the film’s catering crew, everyone on a film set has a passion for great movies. Understanding how they are made, what they express about being human, and what a legendary performance looks like, can expand an actor’s abilities.

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Part of training for professional actors is becoming as versatile as possible, with an ability to cross effortlessly from theater to film. This requires a knowledge of great scripts and plays in both mediums and time spent studying the interesting, compelling, and entertaining characters. Film history for actors is about exploring what has been successful in the past and allowing it to inform and inspire what they will do in the future.

As an actor, a film history course might be considered just a fun bonus when it is, in fact, a necessary part of professional actor training. Film history classes for actors should involve serious work, not just watching movies. Studying the medium is integral to growing into a complete artist capable of profound work in that same medium. What an actor learns in acting classes is to forget about the crew, camera, even the director, and create an exciting new reality in that small frame. This requires artistry, just like in theater acting, but with minor adjustments for technical differences. By studying masters of film, actors gain an even deeper appreciation of the craft.

Film History Class for Actors Near Morningside Heights NY

This Film History Class for Actors takes a look back, spanning many decades to explore the birth of the film industry and how it has gone on to shape our culture. There are essential principles and milestones in film history that every actor can learn from.

A deep understanding of film construction and the formulas used in storytelling are a necessary step towards becoming a professional actor, who is a creative driving force in any story. There are master artists in film that have left behind incredible legacies. We’ll study their work, and discuss how it shaped the work of later artists. But by looking at these historical patterns in film, an actor can determine where their artistic gifts fit into the larger picture.

Having an ongoing passion for watching films and film performances pays dividends in other ways. Perhaps a director is struggling to communicate what they are looking for in a scene. Referencing a movie from the past is like using shorthand. You’ll be ahead of the game if you understand the “language” they are using. Networking is another important aspect of establishing a professional career. A chance introduction to someone in the industry can blossom into a useful connection if you understand what makes a good film and can talk intelligently about it.

Actors at the Maggie Flanigan Studio do more than screen great films in this class, they also learn how to set up a viewing plan, so that screenings become a part of their training regimen moving forward. This is a crash course in different film genres. Actors can study the work of other actors to heighten their acting for film sensibilities. Students explore concepts like symbolism, the evolution of a character, and dialogue versus silence. Screen classics from the past means learning more about story arcs, the pacing of lines and dialogue, keeping the balance between drama and comedy, and more.

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To an actor, filmmaking must be thought of as an art and a business. Our Film History Class for actors serves many purposes when it comes to becoming a professional paid actor. This class helps actors identify trends, look at genres, and determine how to craft a role based on all they have learned from the best films of the past.

An actor has a better chance of becoming a paid professional if they can determine how to bring something unique to a role, and how it fits into today’s market. Understanding the history of film is also vitally important when developing your own projects. This is becoming more common, with actors realizing that it might make sense to create and star in their own vehicle, rather than wait for someone else to say yes. And finally, this Film History Class for Actors develops critical thinking skills. An artist must be able to take in a film and, rather than accept it at face value, deconstruct it. From understanding symbolism in the imagery to learning how actors fit into the composition of framing, a knowledgeable actor is a better actor.

Anyone interested in taking the Film History class must first register for the two-year Professional Actor Training Program, the most comprehensive of our acting programs. Admission into the two-year conservatory is based on an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan. To schedule an interview, or to learn more about the Film History Class for Actors, call the studio at (917) 789-1599.

Film History Classes for Morningside Heights NY

Film History Class Morningside Heights NY

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