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Sara Fay trained at the William Esper Acting Studio and apprenticed under Theo Morin to become a Williamson Technique teacher.


Sara Fay George is the founder of The Holistic Method, a physical acting technique designed bring participants into confident connection with themselves and elicit fully embodied storytelling. She worked as the Resident Movement Coach with The Actors Space, Berlin, The Fritz-Kirchoff Schule and has been training actors across America and Europe since 2010.

Sara is this Co-Artistic Director and Director of Education for The Box Collective, a female run international ensemble dedicated to new interdisciplinary work that challenges the traditional theater scene.  The Box has produced in New York City, the Hamptons, Berlin, through out Italy, and as far as New Zealand. Their next piece. Hurricane Sleep will premiere May 2019 in co-production with IATI Theater. This summer, Last Life: A Shakespeare Play, written and directed by Sara Fay George, will be presented with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.



Teaching movement is one of the greatest privileges and meaningful undertakings of my life. The Williamson Technique and Energy Work set me free from unconscious habits and limiting patterns. Offering this work forward, creating and holding space for my students as they explore and expand is a constant form of creative inspiration. I am passionate about facilitating education that expands students capability and sense of personal agency, offering them skills that will form the next generation of artists. As creatives and individuals we are constantly seeking, exploring, questioning and being in the room with my students in a continuous deepening of this on-going process.  

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A pliable, released physical instrument is essential for any actor interested in creating vivid, experiential behavior.  Most actors are incredibly tense, and lack the capacity to express the gamut of the human emotional pallet in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to watch.  Our physical training is part of the core of the Maggie Flanigan Studio approach to serious professional actor training.

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Teaching Philosophy

There’s something about giving people space and the opportunity to come into contact with themselves and learn how to tap in and understand what they are experiencing. Not only to accept that, and say, “Okay, so this is my truth,” but then giving them the tools to be able to communicate it and share it without shame, without guilt, without punishment. It’s such essential human work. I think it’s something that every individual deserves to be able to know and understand and have in their toolbox for living.