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Lawrence Ballard received a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from Rutgers University where he trained with Maggie Flanigan and Bill Esper. Along with his film and TV credits he has extensive commercial, voice over, spokesperson and New York City acting experience.


Lawrence was chosen for “A Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training,” summer of 2000. He has taught at the Penumbra Summer Institute in Saint Paul, Minnesota and continues to coach actors privately. He has over 20 years of stage experience that includes the 2004 Broadway production of A Raisin in the Sun and the 2005 off Broadway production of A Soldiers Play at Second Stage Theater. Along with his film and TV credits he has extensive commercial, voice over and spokesperson experience.


I find teaching at the Maggie Flanigan Studio to be a valuable aspect to my life because it allows me the opportunity to be part of an artistic environment with passion and committed to high standards. This is why I love the craft of acting. The discipline and creativity that it takes to train and become consistently good are life affirming and can be used in other fields of work. I want the students to become courageous artists, who will hopefully create a better, more involved and sensitive person.

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Most amateurs try to cobble together a string of workshops and month long classes ranging from on-camera to improv, and believe that they are seriously trained actors.  The Maggie Flanigan Studio understands that Film & TV work must be rooted in fundamental craft.  Our camera classes help our students apply the simple, specific, and personal crafting learned in acting class to the demands of the medium.  The MFS student learns that craft, not tricks is what distinguishes them from the hack actor.

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Teaching Philosophy

People don’t realize that your life and your work often reflect each other and you need to pull from your life in order to influence your work and that’s a long-term process. It’s not immediate. It’s not something that’s going to happen within a very short period of time. It takes work.