The Core Acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is the same comprehensive training offered in our two-year Professional Actor Training Program (PATP), but with some of the professional preparation classes optional. Artistic director Maggie Flanigan and Executive Director Charlie Sandlan believe that all serious artists must develop their actor’s instrument. In the Core Acting Program and other MFS acting classes, students grow strong, resonant voices and pliable bodies capable of processing and expressing the human experience. They learn how temperament can be channeled effortlessly through solid crafting. And finally, actors create and maintain a rigorous intellectual curiosity, a necessary aspect of the actor’s toolkit. These are the components that drive the Core Acting program and our other acting programs.

a student in the core acting program sits at a table writing during a Meisner exercise at Maggie Flanigan Studio

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Our two-year conservatory program teaches the Meisner technique and prepares actors for the mental and physical challenges they will face as they pursue an acting career. This is the path we suggest for serious actors. However, we also understand that students have different needs, so this program includes all the essential acting courses in the 2 year acting program but allows students to train without taking some of the professional preparation courses. Along with our PATP students, Core Program participants get priority enrollment and preferred class time selection. Students participating in the Core program can expect to be in class 14-18 hours a week.

Maggie Flanigan Studio teaches the Meisner technique in a structured way so that the work you do in each class deepens and strengthens the experience in other classes. The ultimate goal remains the same, actors who how to craft authentic, truthful behavior and channel vivid, emotions, and responses.

Core Acting Program: Year 1

The Core Acting program condenses all of the vital elements of Meisner training and all four semesters of Voice and Movement, into two years. Because these students postpone or opt-out of professional preparation classes, their weekly schedule is not as intense.

Core Year 1 includes Meisner Acting 1, Voice 1 & 2, and Movement 1 & 2. These classes lay the groundwork for an actor to become a virtuoso of the art form. Students study and practicing Meisner exercises and explore what it means to create vivid, nuanced, and rich expressions of human behavior. As you move through the Voice and Movement training, you gain a physical and vocal dexterity that becomes more and more complex. A serious artist in any discipline must fully explore and understand the art form they wish to pursue so Theater History is also included in the first year of training. By discovering some of the best acting work that has come before, actors are inspired and challenged. Students in the Core Acting program learn to collaborate and bring exciting and original contributions to productions. From audition rooms and rehearsal studios to working on set or stage, the fully trained Meisner actor brings the most interesting ideas and actions to all of their work.

Core Acting Program: Year 2

Core Year 2 continues with Acting 2, the second year of Meisner. Students deal with script interpretation and how to make creative choices based on intuition and insight. Core students also take Voice 3 & 4, and Movement 3 & 4, and the work becomes more challenging. Students work on dialects, classical text, and the challenges of physical collaboration and creativity in terms of movement. This is especially true as students participate in a Movement 4 performance project. In Core year two, students learn to craft with ease and simplicity and bring clarity of behavior that allows them to become more versatile actors. Rounding out year two is Script Analysis, essential to reading critically, and interpreting material. Core students take both Theater History and Script Analysis because we’ve found that these are the students who make the most significant strides as actors. Maggie Flanigan Studio is known in the industry for graduating well trained and professionally ready actors because it includes these types of classes in our programs.

The Business Preparation Workshops, and Business 1 finishes off the Core Program. The business classes educate actors on all aspects of the industry, from how to do taxes, to understanding social media, to choosing headshot photographers and auditioning. Our Core program includes the opportunity to work with Kate Lacey, the head of our professional business program. Kate has created a comprehensive business for actors class, one of the first of its kind in the United States. This business training pays off as students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become and remain financially stable, something many actors fail to learn.

The goal of the Core Acting Program and all of the training programs at Maggie Flanigan Studio is to provide you with the fundamental skills and life habits needed to pursue a professional acting career. The Core is excellent for students who are considering the two-year PATP program but need to move through the training and take additional classes as time and budget permits.

core acting program student during a Meisner acting class

The Core Acting Program Washington Heights NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio – (917) 789-1599

Learn More About the Acting Programs at the Maggie Flanigan Studio

The majority of the students accepted into the Maggie Flanigan Studio are interested in completing all of the classes that are necessary to be considered a graduate of the Professional Acting Training Program. However, there are students who desire to take only the Meisner training courses. This option, known as our Meisner Acting Only program, is available and you can read more about that option here:

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, it is our firm belief that serious training as an actor is necessary if you intend to pursue it as a career. Working toward mastery of the craft, however, is a lifetime pursuit. Enrollees of the Core program and any other acting program means you are a student for life and can return at any time to refine your skills, learn a new discipline, or finish the PATP program.

We are an acting conservatory in NYC known by professionals in the industry as graduating actors who know how to create vivid and truthful behavior who can embody a wide range of human reactions and emotions. A Maggie Flanigan Studio graduate is hard-working, humble, professional, and does not settle for anything less than excellence. If this sounds like you, register for an admissions interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan, or call the studio at (917) 788-1599 for more information.

Best Core Acting Program Washington Heights NY

Core Acting Program Washington Heights NY

The acting school of Maggie Flanigan Studio offers profession acting training for serious actors from Washington Heights NY as well as these New York, NY areas:

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