What is the Business Preparation Class for Actors?

A business preparation class for actors is appropriate to consider for any acting student that is serious about pursuing a professional career. There are two program tracks at Maggie Flanigan Studio. The first track is the progression of classes where students develop acting techniques and develop their acting instrument. There is also a series of courses designed to prepare students for the rigors of a professional acting career. There are two program tracks at Maggie Flanigan Studio. The first track is the progression of classes where students develop acting techniques and develop their acting instrument. There is also a series of courses designed to prepare students for the rigors of a professional acting career. We encourage students to integrate both tracks to receive the most robust training available.

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Business Preparation Classes for Actors Manhattan NY – Call (917) 789-1599

Business preparation classes for actors teach students how to approach their careers armed with business knowledge. For the professional actor, finding work is the work, especially in the beginning. Actors must figure out how to sustain themselves as they seek paid opportunities to act. At Maggie Flanigan Studio, our business class for the actor covers tax preparation for actors, marketing and the use of social media for professional actors, and more. Investing in yourself as a business is crucial. Actors need a calling card, a clear resume, and of course, excellent headshots for actors that will make an excellent first impression.

How much should you spend? Do you have a marketing budget set up? These are issues that the Business Preparation Class will help you explore.

Why is this class important for the professional actor from Manhattan NY?

It is a given that actors need the best acting training they can find to develop their actor’s instrument and cultivate their talent. Maggie Flanigan Studio is a two-year Meisner training program, one of the best in the country. We also offer classes that relate to the business of acting. You must be able to create and maintain a strategy and schedule to audition well and manage life as a professional actor. That’s what we cover in our business classes for actors.

This is a challenging and competitive industry. Not only must an actor train continuously, and strive always to reach new levels of artistic excellence, they must also find work and manage a rigorous and chaotic schedule. This requires learning about audition strategies, scheduling, networking, and more. In our Business Prep class, students learn how to create a professional resume based on what directors, producers, and agents seek. They will also explore how to get superb headshots done without breaking the bank. Too often, actors spend a fortune and end up with headshots that fail to highlight their strengths. We’ll look at the best headshot packages and help students determine a course of action.

Taught by Emmy nominated producer (Casting By), actress and casting director Kate Lacey Kiley, this class is an introductory course and prerequisite for our Business 1 and Business 2 classes. In the beginning, we help acting students build tools in their “arsenal” that will help them sign with an agent or manager, exploit opportunities during pilot season, and of course, audition with excellence.

In this class, actors also learn about how to conduct themselves in meetings, how to build a powerful website and demo reel, and network for success. Another aspect of business for actors is knowing how to adjust what you are doing on the West Coast versus the East Coast. There are subtle differences in how people work in these markets, and actors need to figure out what works in each market.

In Business 2, actors begin an in-depth exploration of various auditioning techniques. Those that are polished and ready will have an opportunity to audition for top agents, managers, and casting directors. Maggie Flanigan Studio is respected throughout the industry because we train the whole actor. We take the teaching of acting technique very seriously. Still, we also set a high standard for developing actors into disciplined professionals who always arrive on time, prepared, and ready to deliver confidently and creatively. In Business 2, learn how to enter a room with enthusiasm and charm, take business meetings, dress for auditions, prep for photoshoots, and interviews. And, we teach students how to think out of the box when it comes to networking and developing acting opportunities.

Combine all of this business knowledge with excellent acting training, and you have improved your chances of success significantly.

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Business Preparation Class for Actors Manhattan NY – Call (917) 789-1599

The Actor And Their Taxes

Many actors are uneducated when it comes to their tax responsibilities. They are unaware of the opportunities the US tax code provides for performance artists. It is common for actors to work in various states throughout the year. Usually, contracts are freelance, and may not pay enough income, so actors supplement in other ways. Our tax workshops discuss all of this and more. This portion of business training is led by Sandra Karas, a CPA who works with SAG/AFTRA professionals. She teaches actors how to prepare year-round for tax season, and the best way to approach your finances to avoid being audited. There are unique deductions that artists are entitled to, so another aspect of this class is learning about every possible aspect of the tax code that will help you attain financial stability.

Using Social Media to Grow Acting Careers

This workshop is led by Kate Lacey Kiley, along with social media strategist Heidi Dean. The business of the professional actor has changed dramatically. Now, more than ever, there is technology and online platforms that will give you more exposure, if you know how to use them. In this workshop learn how to use social media platforms to create a strong professional presence and eliminate anything that does not present you in the best light. Being an actor is similar to launching and running a small business. Social media is a useful tool for this purpose.

Headshots that Get Professional Actors Work

This workshop is led by Kate Lacey Kiley and professional NYC photographer Michael Cinquino, whose work has been featured in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, ABC, and Comedy Central. Too often, aspiring actors spend thousands of dollars on headshots only to receive prints that didn’t represent who they are. A great headshot is one that presents your versatility, your talent, and the unique presence you would bring to a production or project. We’ll guide you through the process of finding the right photographer, how to dress and pose, and how to ensure your acting technique shines through in your final headshot.

In this workshop, you will learn:

-What casting directors look for
-The three elements of an effective headshot
-Why actors fail to find work using a headshot
-The biggest mistake actors make during a photoshoot
-How to prepare for a photoshoot

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Business Preparation Classes for Actors Manhattan NY – Call (917) 789-1599

Learn More About Business Prep Classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we integrate two aspects of acting into a single comprehensive program, acting, and professional preparation. In our two-year Professional Actor Training Program, students learn the Meisner technique, and voice and movement, plus improvisation, film and tv work, acting for theater, script analysis, and more. Going far beyond that, our students gain knowledge and experience related to the business of acting. Producers, directors, and agents have come to expect MFS graduates will be professional, dependable, well trained, and of course, talented.

The Business Preparation Classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio are only open to students who have enrolled in our two-year acting conservatory. To apply for our Professional Actor Training Program, visit us online to register for an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan. Or for more information about our Business Prep class call the studio at (917) 789-1599.

Business Preparation Class for Manhattan NY

Business Preparation Classes Manhattan NY

The Business Preparation Classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio provide business training for actors from Manhattan NY as well as these New York, NY areas:

New York NY, Manhattan, NYC, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Staten Island NY, Battery Park City NY, Financial District NY, TriBeCa NY, Chinatown NY, Greenwich Village NY, Little Italy NY, Lower East Side NY, NoHo NY, SoHo NY, Wards Island NY, Washington Heights NY, West Village NY, Alphabet City NY, East Village NY, Lower East Side NY, Two Bridges NY, Chelsea NY, Clinton NY, Gramercy Park NY, Kips Bay NY, Murray Hill NY, Peter Cooper Village NY, Stuyvesant Town NY, Sutton Place NY, Tudor City NY, Turtle Bay NY, Inwood NY, Spanish Harlem NY, Waterside Plaza NY, Lincoln Square NY, Manhattan Valley NY, Upper West Side NY, Lenox Hill NY, Roosevelt Island NY, Upper East Side NY, Yorkville NY, Hamilton Heights NY, Manhattanville NY, Morningside Heights NY, Harlem NY, Polo Grounds NY, East Harlem NY, and Randall’s Island NY.

To learn more about the Business Preparation Classes at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, and the two year acting programs that we offer for serious actors, click here.