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Acting in Faith with Meisner Acting
06 Apr

The Meisner acting technique calls for a great deal of faith on many levels. First, actors must have faith in the technique. Full mastery requires years of effort. One must acquire a complete library of imagined feelings and experiences of many different kinds of characters. Also, the actor must have faith in his fellow actors, […]
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Meisner Summer Intensive – Now Interviewing
27 Feb

Meisner Summer Intensive – Now Interviewing

Acting Studio

Summer Intensive Program The Maggie Flanigan Studio offer a six-week summer intensive, which meets three times a week. The program is an introduction to Meisner acting, offering students the opportunity to see if the technique is right for them. Read more: Meisner Summer Intensive
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Emotional Preparation Using Meisner Acting Techniques
22 Feb

Actors trained in the Meisner acting technique acquire a unique ability to engross themselves fully into the emotional “state” of the character onstage thanks, in part, to a practice known as emotional preparation. The actors job is to paint an emotional landscape that includes a wide range of the deepest human lusts, compulsions, conflict and […]
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Meisner Acting: The Art of Emotional Preparation

Meisner Acting: The Art of Emotional Preparation The Meisner acting technique is a many layered approach that relies heavily on a practice known as emotional preparation. This practice has many objectives but the main goal is to eliminate the dialogue as a “crutch” and begin the process of being in tune with and relying on […]
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Meisner Technique – Maggie Flanigan Studio
04 Jan

– Maggie Flanigan Studio Sanford Meisner was one of the founding members of the Group Theatre in New York City along with Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler. Much like the technique developed by famed Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski, where the Miesner technique has its roots, the Meisner method is a systematic approach to […]
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