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Instinct and Action: A Great Acting Coach
02 May

Instinct and Action: A Great Acting Coach

Acting Studio

The role of an acting coach is to address areas of weakness an actor may have however, their mission goes much deeper. An acting instructor is hired for many reasons, everything from helping actors remove the mental blocks that may be keeping them from becoming a paid, working actor to developing material for a one […]
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Audition Techniques- Developing Your Unique Technique

Aspiring actors studying the Mesiner acting technique must develop and learn a unique auditioning technique as well. Learning how to audition will make the most threatening aspect of acting, a life of auditioning and constant rejection, not only manageable but, a worthwhile, necessary part of the process. Consistently turning in your very best, deepest, most […]
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Audition Techniques- Role of a Lifetime
27 Apr

The most resilient actors who have put in year after year of auditioning will tell you that they have simply accepted auditioning as part of the work. Part of their auditioning technique is to see all auditions as an opportunity, albeit a brief one, to act. They treat it as a part, not a chance. […]
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Audition Techniques- Expect the Unexpected

A very practical consideration is to expect the unexpected. There are as many scenarios as their are auditions. While some commonalities occur each production is extremely unique and each creative approaches their audition expectations differently. Whatever you are guided to do, do it. Directors and producers have a long list of challenges ahead of them […]
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Audition Techniques – The Jaded Auditor
25 Apr

Jaded behavior on the part of those conducting the auditions is an opportunity for the Meisner trained actor, not a hindrance. When you see auditors in this condition one aspect of your auditioning technique should be to see this as your chance to wake up the room and remind everyone why they are there. They […]
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Audition Techniques – Staying Vulnerable

Acting is an art that elevates the most human aspects of the story and reminds us all of who we are. That is a very tall order but, if you aspire to be a successful actor that will be your job every rehearsal, every performance, every time onstage. Why not start with the audition? The […]
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Acting in Faith with Meisner Acting
06 Apr

The Meisner acting technique calls for a great deal of faith on many levels. First, actors must have faith in the technique. Full mastery requires years of effort. One must acquire a complete library of imagined feelings and experiences of many different kinds of characters. Also, the actor must have faith in his fellow actors, […]
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