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Having A Charismatic Personality Is Part of Your Acting Instrument

Physical expression, when mastered, has given us the likes of Jim Carrey, John Wayne and Jodie Foster. Actors that have an ability to develop and project strong physical characteristics to express character can handle any role. Going one step deeper as an actor means learning how to alter how they move and express themselves truthfully […]
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Commercial Acting Class – Why Actors Shouldn’t Avoid Stereotypes

Some stereotypical aspects of a character may be helpful in a performance as it will allow your audience to quickly gain at least a partial understanding of your character. Later on, the character must be given complexity or the audience will become disenchanted and bored. If the writer has written a particular character as a […]
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Becoming A Serious Actor Includes Developing A Physical Presence

Every actor has their own unique physical way of expressing themselves and an awareness of the physical space around them. Actors who study Meisner in nyc learn how to explore their physical expressions, habits and non verbal behavior and subvert of convert that into good performances. Theatre requires a different movement technique than physical expression […]
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Commercial Acting Class – Using Stereotypes as a Distortion Device

When discussing identity and stereotypes, the term that must be discussed is distortion. Regardless of whether the actor is learning commercial acting techniques or methods for other types of acting, distortion is a necessary talent. Every performance, from film to reality shows, requires that actors distort the truth. Distortion, if well executed, is actually able […]
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Commercial Acting Class – Great Acting Without the Suffering Stereotype

Despite the fact that Shia LaBeouf once stated that he was a “lonely dude”, it is doubtful that this feeling is shared by many other actors. This statement implies that his career forces him to make sacrifices. In 2006, he told The Washington Post that a true actor must be “brokenhearted”. It is quite possible […]
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What Does It Mean To Have A Physical Presence When Acting on Film?

The Meisner acting technique often refers to something known as the actors instrument. While directors and actors are sometimes at odds due to creative differences, the truth is actors are the instruments, the components, that make up a successful production with a director as a conductor. Actors are the most important element of the overall […]
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How Can I Develop A Physical Presence When I Am Acting On Stage?

Many actors in the history of stage and film have been strong physical actors, such as Stallone, John Wayne and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are just some of the actors that have learned how to project characters physically, as well as emotionally. Actors who know how to move and express themselves physically in many different ways […]
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