What types of classes do acting studios teach?

Acting studios, especially those in the urban centers that are home to the entertainment industry, feature classes spanning different skills and skill levels. There are acting studios for beginners and intense two-year conservatories for serious working actors. You can also follow a five-year university route, earn a four-year bachelor’s degree, and follow it up with a master of fine arts. No matter what path you decide upon, dive in with more experienced actors whenever you can. A diverse acting class will jump-start the learning process.

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Acting programs are geared for professionals who need to take acting training seriously. Good studios will demand a lot of hard work outside of the classroom. Prepare to spend hours practicing what seems like basic exercises like word repetition or listening. They will likely ask you to read up on the history of theater and about Method or Meisner. This slow start may come as a surprise to a beginner who envisions being allowed to hop on stage and act immediately. But, in the best acting schools, actors start with the basics. It isn’t as exciting, but this artistic discipline demands this fundamental work happen first. Method acting, which is one of two featured techniques taught by most institutions, and Meisner technique both start with the discipline of exercises and a system of skills built over time. Actors progress as they move through the program and eventually learn script analysis, scene study, how to do on-camera work, and more.

What techniques do most acting studios in Upper East Side NY teach?

It is hard to explain how to be an actor, and how serious the training is. Most drama schools offer one of two respected approaches. Method Acting, designed by Russian actor/director Konstantin Stanislavski and Meisner Technique. Method Acting came about when a trio of actor/directors at the Group Theater, Lee Strasberg, Sanford Meisner, and Stella Adler, were amazed by the work they witnessed when Stanislavski had trained the actors. They adapted the program to the US. All three of them went on to adjust and create their versions of Method Acting, but Sandford Meisner was the most intentional. He developed new exercises and a sequential progression of training now known as Meisner Technique. Any experienced acting teacher will understand and work with aspects of the Method or Meisner.

In Meisner schools, students study and practice “truthful doing.” Meisner believed that electric performances happen when actors act and behave truthfully in an imaginary setting. Actors train their entire being to acquire and express as many complex layers of emotion and responses as possible. Meisner does this through a series of exercises and practices that help them think less and just “do” instead. The Method is more about tapping into and using emotional memories when playing a scene and taking on characteristics you imagine the character would have.

A summary of these techniques oversimplifies how much is involved in either approach. Training requires hard work and concentration, but the rewards are great.

Where are the best acting studios near Upper East Side NY?

In the US, there are two well-known places to study acting. New York City is home to some of the best, most innovative theater productions in the world. “Broadway” is shorthand for the theater district, which is near 42nd Street and Broadway. New York City also has tons of ‘Off-Broadway” theaters and acting companies. There are also many feature films shot there, as well. There are hundreds of film and tv production studios, so acting schools have experienced teachers with deep expertise.

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On the west coast in California, Hollywood is the hotbed of film and TV work. The area attracts the best teachers of onscreen film acting, and thousands of trained professionals teach in Los Angeles-based schools. Actors can also find talented teachers in esteemed drama programs at colleges and universities. Programs such as the Yale Drama School, Boston University’s theater program, Carnegie Mellon, and Syracuse University are just a few of the highly respected programs for acting that exist.

Smaller cities can also be home to quality training. Professional actors start masters programs in small theaters near their hometowns. And, because shooting in New York and L.A. is so expensive, there are regions with growing programs, like Atlanta, Georgia. For the more adventurous, no place has more respect than London England for being an excellent training ground for film acting and theater arts.

Finding The Right Acting Studio for Upper East Side NY

There are many paths to becoming a professional, working actor, but they all start with core skills. This is what an acting school teaches, the foundational principles that have proven to lead to the best acting. First, make a list of studios or performing arts institutions that teach the technique you believe will suit you best. Online research will reveal the roster of instructors, who should have biographies listed. There should also be an informative web site and plenty of student reviews.

The acting classes a studio or school offers is not the only concern. There are more practical aspects to pursuing acting that a studio should focus on, as well. Classes and how they are structured is also something to consider when selecting a school. Small or larger class size will dictate how much actual working time you will get versus observing. The flexibility of the schedule, based on your work obligations, is another consideration. The studio space and the overall culture and community that exists is incredibly important. Actors do the kind of work that requires vulnerability, and there has to be a safe, nurturing space to do that work.

These institutions will often form around the personality and values of the owner or director. Another practical consideration is whether the studio teaches students how to handle acting auditions. Do your homework, look at online reviews, speak to alumni, interview with the head of the studio, or a lead teacher. This should help you decide where to study.

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The Best Acting Studios for Professional Training

From Meisner to Method, and the training techniques in-between, the studio does not matter as much as your commitment. It’s surprisingly hard work to become an excellent actor. All aspiring actors have to put aside the fantasy of being famous, making millions and living happily ever after. Those things are not what mastering the craft is about, and that kind of journey is rather rare anyway.

Pursuing acting is a rigorous, demanding lifestyle that requires discipline. You may have to create your own opportunities. You will have to audition, day after day, and be rejected. In the face of these challenges picking the right studio to call home is vital.

Maggie Flanigan Studio is where serious actors develop the craft, grow the discipline, and support other actors. Go online to register for an interview with Executive Director and Head of Acting Charlie Sandlan, or call (917) 789-1599 for more information.

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