Voice 2

Voice II is the second of four 24-class, 12-week semesters dedicated to freeing the natural voice. Voice I is a prerequisite for this class.

Using the freedom from habitual tension achieved in Voice I as a foundation, Voice II introduces increasingly extroverted and expansive demands on the voice. Always with an eye on maximum effect with minimal effort, students in this class tap into greater breath capacity and power, the fuel needed to access higher frequencies of energy in the voice without relying on unnecessary muscular force that can lead to vocal strain. The entire two to three octave speaking voice range is strengthened and liberated to respond to a range of impulses.

Once the full vocal instrument has been re-awakened, an exploration of the origin of language brings the actor to a place where he or she is susceptible to the intrinsic energies of different sounds moving through the body. Vivid imagery fosters a visceral connection to language that is personal, truthful, and grounded. When the instrument is not alive to language in this way, the result is the “talking head” syndrome, wherein the muscles of the face, neck and head compensate for a lack of responsiveness in the rest of the body. Through working with Louis Colaianni’s Phonetic Pillows, a lively, organic connection to language breeds expression equally balanced with clarity and abandon.

An exceptional actor can take words off of the page and truly make them their own, wedding language to behavior, so that a playwright’s words are truly the characters. This class sets the foundation for the demands placed on any actor lucky enough to tackle rich, complicated text.

The next 12-week class for Voice and Speech is Voice 3.

Liz Eckert( Voice 2: )

Liz studied voice with Kristin Linklater for three years at Columbia University's MFA acting program. Struck by the effectiveness of the Linklater voice method's elegant scaffolding as a guide for greater expressive freedom, she dedicated four years to a rigorous and comprehensive Designated Linklater Teacher training program. Liz also draws from her acting and movement work with Andrei Serban, Niky Wolcz, and Anne Bogart. She continues to learn every time she is in the room with her students.


  • "As an actor, the core of what you have to rely on is your sense of truth and humanity. Not only did Maggie allow me to discover & embrace mine, she also taught me that As an actor, the core of what you have to rely on is your sense of truth and humanity ..."

    Claire Ganshert

  • It was not until Voice 2 that I learned how my voice connected to my body and how to speak with all of myself. This class took my work to a deeper and more personal place. Voice 2 will give you the tools to continue your journey in exploring your voice.

    Ashley Versher

  • When I started training at the studio my voice was not in good shape. By Level 2 of Voice class I was able to incorporate useful skills that allowed my voice to be free, clear and released. Any actor that wants a powerful and expansive voice should take this class.

    José David Toro