Nutrition for Actors

Nutrition For Actors is a groundbreaking approach to supplementing professional actor training. The Maggie Flanigan Studio believes that any serious artist takes incredible care of their instrument of expression. For the actor, that instrument is the entire human vessel – vocal, physical, emotional temperament, and imagination. We believe that the romanticized cliché of the “suffering artist” is not a requirement to producing deep, vivid, and profound work. A healthy instrument is far more conducive to sustaining a long, vibrant artistic career.

This 12-week/12-class syllabus will help you understand the importance of listening to your body, to decipher your cravings, and to help you gain more insight into what you need to support energy, eliminate depression, and spur creativity. This class will help put you on the road to being your healthiest and happiest, making you more connected to your creative voice. You can have endless talent and the very best training but if you don’t feel healthy, lack the ability to focus or to deal with stress, your chances of sharing these things with the world will be greatly diminished.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the effect that food has on your body and mind, recognizing the importance of a healthy microbiome and how it affects everything from metabolism, brain function, and the immune system. The class will cover the physical and mental dangers of inflammation, as well as the foods that cause it. It will dive deep into what sugar, gluten and dairy do to your body, and more specifically, your cognitive function.

You will discover what you specifically should be eating based on your individual needs and beyond that, how proper nutrition can enhance your performance. The class will explore the affects of stress and negative relationships on our bodies, and help you to fully understand the benefits of sleep, dreaming and exercise on your creativity. You will be provided with tools to help you stay healthy and balanced through the inevitable ups and downs of a career in the arts, by introducing different writing, breathing and meditation techniques.

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Lianna Neilsen Nutrition Class for Actors

In an industry that is obsessed with image, the class will teach the healthiest ways to lose weight and look your best. Beyond nutrition, this class will help you to objectively look at areas in your life where you may be getting in your own way, sabotaging yourself or simply ignoring your creative voice. This will enable you to make better choices, as we examine the physical and mental benefits of a positive mindset, discovering how fear and negativity can actually make you sick.

Nutrition For Actors will provide you with a better sense of autonomy over your body, mind and creativity, giving you a roadmap to develop new habits that will support your health and career for years to come.

Lianna Nielsen( Studio Nutritionist: )

Lianna has created a curriculum designed specifically for actors and artists to understand their individual nutrition needs, connect more fully to their creativity and enhance their performance. In addition to her class at Maggie Flanigan Studio, she also teaches at The Actor's Green Room and works with private clients. Her most recent acting credits include the feature film 'Hits' which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' and commercials for Clinique, Organic Valley and Bed, Bath and Beyond.