Movement 2

One of the marks of an exceptional actor is his/her ability to take in and process the details of the imaginary world. In fact, that’s how an actor creates a sense of reality–by responding to what they see or hear within the circumstances of a scene. In the Level 2 of our movement work, we unpack the physical aspects of the process of taking in–using all five senses to experience one’s surroundings. This semester of training allows the actor’s body to move to a more sensual and receptive level of experience, as we begin to understand and participate in deeper, richer, and more personal contact with the ensemble.

Using blind work, animal essence, what we call the “drunk work,” as well as continued and expanded improvisation with the open choreography, we help actors to dramatically open the senses, thereby deepening their experience at any given moment. Exploring the impediment of blind helps actors to enter a state of imbalance and activate their remaining, less dominant senses. The animal work accesses an impulsive, visceral creative state and gets an actor to function instinctually. In the drunk work, actors explore what it’s like to function in a deeply released state, with heightened sensual awareness, and an extraordinary amount of permission.  Alignment and flexibility are also explored on a deep level in this semester’s work.

The semester culminates with the Drunk Project–a long-form improvisation in which actors live through an imaginary party. Students spend the semester crafting relationships, circumstances, and character. With costumes, decorations, and refreshments the ensemble transforms the classroom into an extravagant setting. This project gives students an opportunity to practice letting go and rely from moment to moment on a truly permissive sense of spontaneity. Actors are given a chance to clearly integrate the movement and acting work. All of these exercises are used as a vehicle to build a sensually alive acting instrument, thus bringing the actor to a more expansive, balanced, and effortlessly vivid place.

Movement II is a requirement for Business 1.

Sara Fay George( Movement 2: )

Sara Fay George is the founder of The Holistic Method, a physical acting technique designed bring participants into confident connection with themselves and elicit fully embodied storytelling. She worked as the Resident Movement Coach with The Actors Space, Berlin, The Fritz-Kirchoff Schule and has been training actors across America and Europe since 2010. Sara is this Co-Artistic Director and Director of Education for The Box Collective, a female run international ensemble dedicated to new interdisciplinary work that challenges the traditional theater scene. The Box has produced in New York City, the Hamptons, Berlin, through out Italy, and as far as New Zealand. Their next piece. Hurricane Sleep will premiere May 2019 in co-production with IATI Theater. This summer, Last Life: A Shakespeare Play, written and directed by Sara Fay George, will be presented with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


  • "Movement 2 completely changed my way of thinking. I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing with the help of these intuitive instructors who create a safe and exciting learning environment. Simply put, it's life-changing."

    Harmony Stempel

  • "After movement training at the studio, I developed a greater awareness of the physical tensions and habits which were hurting my acting. Julia and Briana create an environment that is safe and permissive. These classes are a must!"

    Nabil Traboulsi

  • "The class preaches the importance of having a released body. Julia has a knack for understanding the physical blocks of each individual and works to help release those tensions. I highly recommend this class for every actor!"

    Fred Winkler