Film & TV

There is this notion perpetuated by teachers and studio’s in NYC and LA, that aspiring actors simply need to learn “camera tricks & techniques” in order to carve out a career as professional actors. It’s not true. This second year class challenges our actors to apply the craft and artistry learned in acting class to film & television. This starts with the audition. It can be startling to walk into a room with a camera, microphone, and lighting. This class gives our actor’s the opportunity to not only de-mystify the experience, but to make mistakes and correct them without any professional repercussions.

The challenge with a film or TV audition is delivering polished, performance- ready work. This is different from theater. When auditioning for film & TV, directors want to see exactly what they will get. The next time a director see’s an actor most likely will be on set, the day of shooting. This 8 week, eight class course prepares our actors for the professional expectations of film and television.

But with everything we do, it starts with craft. Each week, students will receive audition material from film & TV. Students receive their sides at random times each week, sometimes 4 days before, 2 days, or just 24 hours. That is how it is professionally. We will cover comedy, conflict, intimacy, and multiple sides to challenge our students. How do you deal with a kiss in an audition? How do you use a reader? How do you deal with physical violence in auditions? Questions like these add to an untrained actors’ inability to audition well. We will spend the first six weeks dealing with the audition. This will include self-taping, which has now become an important aspect of an actor’s audition life. How do you put yourself on tape for an audition? Everything from shooting, lighting, editing and submission is covered during this class.

However, we also help our students with more than their craft. What colors are best for you on camera? What make-up choices for women help make you look your best? What you put in the frame matters, and our reputation as the most respected training program in NYC rests in large part on the level of preparation and polish that our graduates possess. These first six weeks really give students the opportunity to try out many different make-up, clothing, and hair options giving them added confidence moving forward.

In the last two weeks we will turn our class into a professional film set. Students will not only act, but also function as crew for other scenes.   We believe that an actor should have an appreciation for those with whom they collaborate. With only eight people in class, Film & TV is one of the most important classes offered in second year.

Film & TV is a requirement for Business I and Business II.


Karen Chamberlain( Film & TV: )

Karen Chamberlain holds an MFA in Acting from Rutgers University where she studied under Maggie Flanigan and William Esper. She was an Assistant Professor for The BFA Professional Actor Training Program at Mason Gross School of The Arts, Rutgers University, where she taught Voice and Acting and was the first On­Site Resident Director for The Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe, London. Karen also taught first and second year Meisner Technique at The William Esper Studio for nine years. In addition to teaching at The Maggie Flanigan Studio, she currently teaches Acting at The Meisner Studio at NYU, Tisch School of The Arts. Other university credits include The University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Karen continues to act professionally when she has time. She is an ensemble member of The Collective­NY and has played numerous roles on the last three seasons of INSIDE AMY SCHUMER

Larry Ballard( Film & TV: )

Lawrence was chosen for "A Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training," summer of 2000. He has taught at the Penumbra Summer Institute in Saint Paul, Minnestoa and continues to coach actors privately. He has over 20 years of stage experience that includes the 2004 Broadway production of A Raisin in the Sun and the 2005 off Broadway production of A Soldiers Play at Second Stage Theater. Along with his film and TV credits he has extensive commercial, voice over and spokesperson experience.


  • "Taking Film & TV I learned way more than expected and through this class I have developed more confidence in auditioning, being on camera and also being able to take direction and make adjustments."

    Jojo Elias

  • I knew for the longest time that I wanted to be an actor but I had no idea how to even begin the process. I don't know what I would of done without this program. This is something no one can ever take away from me.

    Bryant Jager