Business 1

This six-week/six class course is another example of what makes the Maggie Flanigan Studio the most comprehensive training program in the United States. We believe that a serious actor ultimately needs to excel in two areas: craft and business. After spending two years focused on the art of acting, it’s now time to learn about the business and the expectations placed upon professional actors. The first five years of an actor’s career are incredibly important. Most “want to be” actors arrive in NYC and LA, get bad headshots, type up a hodge-podge resume of high school theater roles and scene study classes, and start auditioning. They are untrained, unprepared, and wonder why they can’t get work. First impressions however, are incredibly important when meeting casting directors, agents, managers, etc. Their job security rests on the ability to find well trained, talented, serious actors who can consistently produce interesting, vivid, organic behavior. Why? Their jobs are on the line. The worst thing for a casting director is to waste a producer or director’s time by bringing in amateur, hack actors. Our students who have been part of our PATP, have spent two years fully immersed in solidifying craft, mastering their instrument both physically and vocally, and have educated themselves with theater history, film history, and script analysis. They possess the skills necessary to compete with the actors coming out of the top MFA programs in the country. This is why only our PATP students are eligible for Business I.

Taught by Emmy nominated producer (Casting By), casting director and actress Kate Lacey Kiley, this class will greatly expand on what was learned from Business Preparation. and adds more tools to the “actor’s arsenal”: how to get work without an agent or manager, smart pilot season preparation, auditioning for casting directors/agents/managers, how to handle general meetings, personal websites, reels, obtaining an agent, maintaining relationships with casting directors, differences between the West Coast and East Coast industries, adapting auditions for theatre/film/TV, obtaining auditions, and self-submission.

Business 1 is only available to students in our PATP.

Kathryn Lacey( Business 1: )

Kathryn Lacey studied with Kristin Linklater and graduated with a BFA in Acting from Emerson College. She began her casting career as legendary casting director Marion Dougherty’s intern at Warner Brothers Feature Film Casting. Upon Marion ‘s retirement a year later, Kathryn became assistant to Marcia Ross, head of Feature Film Casting for Walt Disney and Touchstone Pictures. She was eventually promoted to Manager of Feature Film Casting and oversaw the casting of the films The Kinky Boots Factory, Casanova, and Step Up. She also served as casting director for Stick It, starring Jeff Bridges. Lacey left Disney in order to refocus her energies toward acting, producing, and coaching actors. She recently produced the feature documentary Casting By, which is currently the definitive documentary on the role of the casting director and the casting process. She also is currently in preproduction for the independent feature film Beard’s Creek. As an actress, she has appeared in the television shows NCIS, Private Practice, Rizzoli & Isles, and the feature films College Roadtrip, Old Dogs, The Proposal, and more.


  • “Kate's commitment to Business I and her enthusiasm for our work was her excitement and infectious. I now feel inspired to work tirelessly and hold myself accountable in the field”

    Jess Bentley

  • "Kate has amazing advice and helps to hear from 'the other side' that it is manageable. The amazing industry guests helped us understand exactly what we need to succeed. I feel so prepared after taking this class!"

    Flora McGill

  • "Kate Lacey is an invaluable source for any actor. This class is so important if you want to be a serious, professional actor. Everyone should take this class because it will put you far above the competition."

    Kimberly Spohn