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The 18 month professional acting program with the Maggie Flanigan Studio trains actors to become more authentic and spontaneous in their work. In this video and blog post Charlie Sandlan talks about why it is importance for actors to have the ability to be spontaneous.

Spontaneity -18 Month Acting Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio 02

Spontaneity -18 Month Acting Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Listen, the key to your uniqueness as an actor, the key to allowing who you are, your authenticity to come to the surface when you work is in your ability to be spontaneous. To be able to act before you think, to be able to respond before you have time to go up in your head and judge, edit, withhold. In chapter one, the very beginning here of [unintelligible 00:00:28] work, what we will work on every day in these first ten weeks is to get you to act before you think. Snap my finger because I want you to respond. When you start to do that, when you start to allow who you are to come to the surface, that is what makes you unique, so that when they see 300 people for a part, you go in there and you’re functioning from who you are, the truth of you, the truth of the character, it all rests on your ability to be spontaneous.

Admission to the 18 Month Acting Program

Learn more about the Meisner technique and the training in the 18 month program with the Maggie Flanigan Studio by visiting the studio website https://www.maggieflaniganstudio.com/new-york-ny. Actors who have questions about the acting program can call the studio at (917) 789-1599.

18 Month Acting Program

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